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Real Estate Investor Loans

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NEXA works with nearly 200 Lenders and Investors giving you acess to over 2,800 Loan Programs. With over 1,400 loan officers throughout the USA we have unparalleled pricing power. Traditional Banks and Lenders just can not compete.

Real Estate Investor Loans

When looking for real estate investor loans your decision with whom to partner should not be taken lightly. These products are very complicated to navigate and require a specialist who can get your loan to the closing table. Whether you need a Bank Statement Investor Loan, a DSCR (Debt Service Coverage) Loan or any of our Limited Documentation loans you can rest assured that you have absolutely come to the right place.

Product Highlights

NEXA Mortgage has relationships with nearly 200 direct investors and mortgage lenders consisting of over 2,800 loan programs. We can not be matched on price or service. Period.

Bank Statement Loans

These loans are also called Non QM loans. They are best for those individuals, small business owners and entrepreneurs who may not be able to provide traditional income documentation such as a tax return or w-2 and instead we go off the history of deposits into your account. We offer 3 month, 12 month or 24 month bank statement programs. Often we can use both personal and business accounts.

DSCR - Debt Service Coverage - Rental Income Loans

DSCR loans are also called business purpose loans. This type of loan is based solely on the ability to rent the property and the "cash flow."  The income of the borrower is not taken into consideration. Instead, it is based on a positive debt service or a negative debt service. Either way we have you covered.

1099 Jumbo Loans

1099 Only mortgage loans are great options for those independent contractors, real estate agents or insurance agents and financial advisors or "Gig Workers." No tax returns are required. We verify your income with the IRS to be ensured they have been filed from the issuing party.