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Bank Statement Loans

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NEXA Mortgage is the largest mortgage broker in the USA. By partnering with Benjamin Borden and his team, you not only have over 30 years of experience but you have acess to a network of investors and wholesale lenders not matched anywhere else. We are experts.

Need a Home Loan? No W-2 or Tax Return Required

Back from the grave, the mortgage industry has re-created mortgage loans that rely primarily upon your credit scores and assets to assess your ability to repay debts. No Income Loans - Stated Income Loans - Bank Statement Loans

The primary category of loan programs that will help you qualify for mortgage financing when you can not show much income are called Stated Income Loans. Although the True Stated Income Loans of yesteryear are no longer available, today’s stated income loans have reinvented themselves as “Bank Statement Loans and P&L Loans also known as Profit and Loss loans.”

What is a Bank Statement Loan and How do they work?

Bank Statement Loans are for those home buyers and business owners that do not have enough verifiable income through traditional tax returns to get a standard home loan. With decent credit and a strong down payment, stated income mortgage loans are very useful for the self-employed.

Most all of our Bank Statement Programs have maximum loan amounts of $10 million, offer lower down payments and no MI (mortgage insurance)

Mortgages for the Self-Employed Small Business Owner

Self-employed individuals often ask … “Why is it so difficult to qualify for mortgage financing? “I have a business that is thriving, and I take the deductions that are allowed. After taking the allowable deductions my net income is not sufficient to qualify for a mortgage.” “What do I need to do to qualify for a mortgage?”

The Problem:

Often today High Net Worth individuals, small business owners, entrepreneurs and physicians are finding traditional documentation loans are not able to provide the loan that meets their needs. Traditional loans are not specifically geared toward the self-employed and the specialized lending needs regarding their high income, taxation, and assets.

The Solution:

Through NEXA's network of nearly 200 wholesale lenders and investors we are able to offer our customers over 2,800 loan programs, many geared towards the self employed. Our Bank Statement programs offer 3 month, 12 month or 24 month options. Because we are the largest mortgage broker in the United States with over 1,400 mortgage loan officers we can offer unparalleled pricing and competitive programs, many not available anywhere else. 

Work with a Bank Statement Loan Expert

There is a huge difference in traditional financing and alternative documentation financing. We have a vast network of wholesale lenders and experience. We are experts on their guidelines and qualifications. Every borrower has a unique situation and need and we have a keen ability to adequately advise you as to the right program, best rate and overall fit for your specific situation without wasting time and effort. Do not get turned down or paper jammed somewhere else, start here first.